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Birdwatching in Arizona

Bird Watching

Bird watching has become a popular activity, especially in Arizona! According to the National Audubon Society, there has been about 550 species of birds that have been sighted in Arizona, which, by the way, is the highest of any state without an ocean coastline and also does, not count the occasional birds that come across the border from Mexico. Locating and identifying the many species that visit our state can be quite challenging, even in the "hotspots". However, considering that Arizona is home to some of the most diverse landscapes, it is no wonder that there are excellent opportunities for the bird watcher in all of us. No matter where you go in the state, you will find different types of birds that has conformed its habitat to one of the many Arizona climates.

If you talk to many bird watchers, you will find that many have their own favorite places to go; however, from many of the "bird watching guides" the following places are listed as some of the best to visit: State Parks, Preserves, Canyons and Riparians.

Listed below are just a sample of the sites to view, organizations to visit and festivals to attend which will provide information on Birdwatching in Arizona.

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For the Hobbyist, there are some things that you can create or do to attract birds to your back yard. The simplest thing to do is add a feeder. If you want to attract more types of birds, then create a habitat that attracts birds. This can include: Water, Food, (natural and feeders) perches, housing (natural bushes and bird houses) and limit the uses of pesticides. By creating a landscape that attracts what birds want/need, will increase the chances the visitation of wildlife.

Caution should be use for birdhouses, as many types of birds have different requirements (i.e entrance's, placement, and dimensions, etc.

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