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20 Dogs Die in Tragedy at Gilbert Boarding House

This weekend (06/21/14) the airwaves were buzzing with the tragedy at Green Acre Boarding House where approximately 20 dogs died, allegedly from the heat. There are so many questions that are being asked with (in our opinion) poor answers.

View the Raw Interview with one of the owners of Green Acre Boarding House as she speaks out (attempting to defend everyone actions) about the tragedy below .

As we believe that this should never have happened and we want to help make sure it never happens again. Please help us and call Maricopa County Sherriff's Office Animal Cruelty at (602) 876-1681 and view your opinion. You can leave a phone message. Again, PLEASE CALL AND VOICE YOUR OPINION! We believe this investigation should be treated as Criminal Neglect.

Please support!

Copied from Facebook page "The Tragedy at Green Acre Dog Boarding Gilbert, AZ,"

This post contains all of the links for the petition and Celebration of Life event. Please keep sharing. These precious dogs and their grieving families deserve justice:

Petition in the Green Acres Dog Case

At this time we are asking the Maricopa County Sheriff and the Maricopa County Attorney to fully investigate and prosecute this matter! Too much of this story does not add up:

  1. How can dogs die from the heat, when they were supposedly only left alone in a home from 11pm to 530am, there were two of three functioning A/C units, and it was only 80 degrees out?
  2. Why did the owners of Green Acres fly back to Arizona, and get to their facility before notifying any of the dog's owners?
  3. Why did the owners of Green Acres wait over 24 hours before notifying the owners of the dogs?
  4. Why were the families initially told the dogs had run away?
  5. Why were the dog's bodies stack like wood in the shed? Were they going to try and hide the bodies?
  6. Why are other families now coming forward with other horror stories of their animals being abused at this facility?

Please and share this petition! The owners, and these poor dogs deserve justice.


We pay our respects to the victims and their parents, as we are proud owners of 2 four-legged children, we can only imagine what the parents are going through.

We would like to set up a online memorial in respect to the victims. If you have any contact with the parents of the victims, we would like to obtain pictures for our memorial. We may be contacted here at ExploringArizona.org or by email at memorial@exploringArizona.org

A Facebook Page, "The Tragedy at Green Acre Dog Boarding Gilbert, AZ," set up by families who have lost their beloved dogs currently has over 9,000 followers. A memorial service for all the dogs who perished will be held at Chavez Plaza in downtown Phoenix on Saturday, June 28th at 7:30 pm.

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