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Arizona's Pets and Wild Animals Page

Black Bear

Welcome to Exploring Arizona ′s Animal Section. This section of our website is very special to us for it helps our visitors and residents Advertising Space explore our state with their "four legged" loved ones.

As you can see this section will be divided into two parts, one for our pets and the other will contain information on wild animals that you may encounter while exploring. We hope each section will provide the information that your looking for, if not, please contact us and let us know what your looking for.

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Special News

20 Dogs Die in Tragedy at Gilbert Boarding House! Keep up to date with the investigation of this tragedy, and help the victims and parents get justice! We dedicate this section to the victims and hope by keeping this section alive that we can avoid something like this from happening in the future.

Pet Information Wild Animals
Owning a pet in Arizona is alot different then in most states. To keep our furry little friends safe in Arizona, we have provided the following information so that you, as a responsible owner, can make intelligent choices which are best for your furry friend.


     Bird Watching

People who live in or visit Arizona can expect to see many types of wildlife; however, more and more often, wild animals are venturing toward the areas where people live. You can usually enjoy wildlife watching from a distance, but sometimes wildlife encounters involve conflict. The following (Depending on where you live/visit) are the most common animals you might run into.

  • Birds
    • Bats
    • Cardinals
    • Raptors
    • Road Runner
    • Woodpecker
  • Large (4 legged animals)
    • Black Bear
    • Bobcat
    • Javelina
    • Coyote
    • Mountain Lions
  • Reptiles
    • Amphibians
    • Lizards
    • Snakes
    • Turtles

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