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Why Is The Prices So Low?

City Introduction

Everyone asks us the same question "Why are our prices so low?", Our response, "Why is everyone so high?" With todays technology, while there is a cost for space, marketing, updates, etc, we feel that the most customers are paying for more then what they get. For example, with a company that lists your company on their website and states that they have an (offline) Magaine. usually has to charge a higher cost due to that magazine charges, even though your not purchasing "magazine advertising" so they can meet their "company' expenses. So we say, why pay for "magazine advertising", when most people are on the web!

Who Are You?

One of the problems of being in business these days is getting the word out about who you are and what you do to those people who haven't heard about you and your products and services.  Exploring Arizona provides its advertisers with the unique opportunity to let others know that you care about customer service by providing the best products and services to them and where how they can find you!

Why the Web?

Many businesses are finding out that the Web is the electronic medium of the 90's and the new milenimum.

  • Attracts new business
  • Available 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Creates a continuing Public Relations presence
  • Directs customers to business locations
  • Generates leads
  • Has measurable results
  • Provides feedback from customers
  • Sells merchandise

Listings Available

We offer Listings as well as Display Ads ranging in size from a Business Card Display Ad to a Commercial Website, depending on your needs and budget. Check out the types of listings available!

Are you starting or do you own a business? ExploringArizona has created a new section for our Business to Business friends and visitors. We hope this section is beneficial for you. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. We ask if you contact any of our listings, please let them know that you saw them on ExploringArizona.org.

Don't pay retail while exploring or enjoying the attractions/restaurants that Arizona has to offer!

Check to see what discounts are available for you!


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