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Arizona's Climate

As much as Arizona's landscape is different, so is Arizona's climate. The popular myth of Arizona's climate being a sun-backed desert is, in reality, only one part of Arizona. Arizona has a multitude of mountain peaks, rolling plateaus, canyons and forests, and each contributes to its own type of climate.

One thing that is constant about Arizona's climate is it varies from season to season and between night and day. Most residents know that it is best to know what the temperatures will be in the morning and in the evening, especially if going to be out all day.

The following is just a sample of Arizona's temperatures:

For most of the Phoenix area there is mostly sunshine. During the winter months (October - March), temperatures from average about 73.6 degrees in the high and 47.7 in the lows.

Northern Arizona

     Average yearly temperatures
Place High ℉ Low ℉
Flagstaff 61 32
Grand Canyon Village 64 33
Monument Valley 67 46

Central Arizona

     Average yearly temperatures
Place High ℉ Low ℉
Globe 77 47
Jerome 70 51
Painted Desert National Park 71 39
Wickenburg 83 49

Phoenix Area

     Average yearly temperatures
Place High ℉ Low ℉
Apache Junction85 57
Phoenix87 63
Tempe87 55

Western Arizona

     Average yearly temperatures
Place High ℉ Low ℉
Bullhead City8960
Lake Havasu City8762
Yuma 89 63

Southern Arizona

     Average yearly temperatures
Place High ℉ Low ℉
Organ Pipe Cactus Monument8756
Sierra Vista7750

Other Organizations about Nature or Earth Sciences in Arizona

Floodsmart.gov - An official site of the National Flood Insurance Program Check out their site.
The Weather Channel - Latest Weather Conditions. Check out their site.
National Weather Service - Provided by the National Oceanic and Atmostpheric Administration (NOAA) Check out their site.
                    National Weather Service - Flagstaff, AZ                     National Weather Service - Phoenix, AZ

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