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"Land of extremes. Land of contrasts. Land of surprises. Land of contradictions. A land that is never to be fully understood but always to be loved....That is Arizona."

The last of the contiguous states to be admitted to the union, Arizona is renowned for its natural wonders, with its Magnificent Deserts, Majestic Mountains, and Plateaus. The most startling area of the state is, of course, the Grand Canyon, one of the Worlds Greatest Natural Wonders of the World.

People Helping People!

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At ExploringArizona.org, we are continually looking for ways in which we can help small businesses in Arizona succeed.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we understand that most family owned restaurants will suffer due to the State of Emergency being implemented as well as the individual city officials implementing additional closure recommendations.

Starting today, May 7th, 2020, ExploringArizona.org will be providing a FREE advertising listing (until further notice) to any local restaurant that provides any of the following services: Take-out, Drive-Thru, Delivery, or third party delivery (of any kind, i.e. Grub Hub). Visitors may access these special listings from the ExploringArizona.org homepage (listed below) as well as their respective City Location Homepage.

Special Recognition:

We would like to recoganize three individuals for the idea and creation of this program: Cathy Jackson McAllister of Apache Junction, Two Navy Veterans: Christopher Block and Kelly Corriston of Saluting Arizona Veterans.

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Coming to Arizona? What's New?

Whether your just visiting or taking up residence, Exploring Arizona.org is one of the best places to start looking for information.

Exploring Arizona.org is your local guide to all of the Arizona cities. With information From government and city links to dining and recreations, you will find it here. Lets start your adventure, just select your topic under our Sections Page.

Not only do we provide information, but we link to most of the cities that are online. So, whether your going to Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson or almost any other Arizona city, check here first for information on it.

Special Notice: Did you know that Restaurant.com provides discounts on dinning all over the United States? In Arizona, for example you can get a $25.00 certificate for roughtly $10.00 to use towards your purchase. Check out the banner below or check their website. If your looking for additional discounts, they have a new Dining Discount Pass! Discounts for 6 months at over 170,000 restaurants & retailers or for this weeks special is 9/29 - 9/30: Get 80% of total savings on Restaurant.com eGift Certificates! Use code: SAVENot only do we provide information, but we link to most of the cities that are online. So, whether your going to Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson or almost any other Arizona city, check here first for information on it.


Check out these other discounts

ExploringArizona now provides a Discount Service that will notify you of only the discounts that your looking for! Check out our Discount Section for more details.

Helping our Veterans!

Our Veterans need our help, and we will need your help to help them. Check out how you can help, give them something to hope for!

This video is in support of all the pet owners that suffered in the tragedy at Green Acre Dog Boarding in Gilbert, AZ where over 20 dogs were alledgely found dead while Arizona Senator Jeff Flake's son was in charge. Check out one of the owners interview while she trys to explain how the Green Acre facility are the victims in this tragedy. Also sign a petition for these individuals to be prosecuted as criminal actions.

For our Racing Fans, we have now upload over race tracks from all over the state, so check them out and give us some feedback.

Attention Business

We have added a Business to Business Section. This list of services are listed for New Busiesses or existing businesses looking for new services or to replace there current services.

Need help in a business or legal matter, but don't know where to turn? We might have the answer, or at least a link to someone that does. Exploring Arizona.org provides information and links to all kinds of venues for information. Whether it's from a government, private corporation, or non-profit organization, we will always pass on the information to help you in your daily life.

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